Brookstone Massage Chairs Review

Top 5 Best Brookstone Massage Chairs | Review (April 2020)

Chairs have gone popular in these last few decades. Their Pricing varies from a few dollars to thousands of dollars depending upon the concentration of relief they provide. Brookstone massage chairs are the most popular among comfortable chairs.
In recent decades, Massage chairs have been popular among the individuals because these chairs can help to reduce your stress, improves your mood, promotes your better health. Shortly, it lowers your pain caused by cardiovascular diseases.
Massage chairs are involved with a number of techniques like Airbags to squeeze the muscles and to promote better blood circulation. Some Chairs use water to massage away stress and tension.
Selecting the right massage chair for your comfort is not an easy job because it requires you a proper guide for the selection.
For your ease, we have compiled a list of brook stone massage chairs as to provide you a better guide.

Best Brookstone Massage Chairs to Buy in 2020


Brookstone Massage Chairs Review

  • Best For: Damage/Weak Muscles
  • Feature: Shiatsu Technology
  • Technology: L Track Messaging
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Brookstone Massage Chairs Review

  • Best For: 3d Robotic Massage
  • Feature: Voice Recognition
  • Technology: Builtin Health Calculatorr
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Brookstone Massage Chairs Review

  • Best For: Spinal Decompression
  • Feature: Fully Computerized Body Scan
  • Technology: Air Massage Technology
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Brookstone Massage Chairs

  • Best For: Full Body Air massage
  • Feature: Yoga stretching
  • Technology: SL Double Track
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Brookstone Massage Chairs Review

  • Best For: Back Heat Therapy
  • Feature: Automated programmed
  • Technology: 42 Air Bag Massage Functions
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Here is a list in which I describe Best Brookstone massage chairs with reviews seperatly and try to eleborate all rock and recliner feature of each product.

1) React Shiatsu | Best Brookstone Massage Chair

ReAct Shiatsu Massage Chair reviewMade under Brookstone, React shiatsu massage chair is built with latest technology. With its friendly structure this Chair can fit anywhere.

It Covers your whole bode length with its unique L shaped structure and Based upon Japanese massage technique due to which it helps you relax in some different way. React Shiatsu is backed with removable pillow for neck support. It enhances the decorum of your home with its catchy look. It also offers easy-access control panel.


  1. React Shiatsu is a massage chair with the dimensions: 34”x24”x34” inches.
  2. It can support the user up to 265 pounds (132 kg).
  3. It offers “L” Channel Massage to your thighs and back muscles.
  4. It has build in two pre-programmed massage with an easy access control panel that helps to work automatically.
  5. It gives relief and recovered damage/weak muscles by deep-kneading Shiatsu Massage nodes.

ReAct Shiatsu Brookstone Massage Chair

Body features:

Shiatsu technology: Based upon Shiatsu, a massage technique commonly used in japan, it helps you release tension and stress and comforts sore, tight muscles by using circular motion and deep kneading force on some targeted acupressure points.
Programed Massage Features: React shiatsu massage chair is featured with two pre-programmed massages for full body and back massage.
Heat Feature: It also offers you selectable heat to relax your back muscles. With its massage, React Shiatsu, enhances blood circulation, reduces heart rate, promotes muscle recovery, eradicate muscle pain and also encourages better sleep.

  • Posture Friendly
  • Work Automatically
  • L Track Messaging
  • Expensive
  • No Zero-G Seating

2) Luraco iRobotics 7 PLUS|Medical Massage Chair

Luraco iRobotics 7 PLUS massage chairMedical massage chair is latest product from luraco technologies. Medical Massage chair runs on its own powerful operating system with high quality Bluetooth speakers.

It is also capable with most up to date, and intelligent sensor technology. With 5 levels of Multi-sectional intensity controls, it is able to serve the whole family. It is also featured with 100 air cells and 12 powerful motors.


  1. Luraco iRobotics 7 Plus are capable of holding a user weight up to 300 pounds.
  2. This medical massage Chair has approximately 265-pound weight itself.
  3. Electricity consumption is 150 watts for 12 motors.
  4. Soft blanket, user manual and a tool kit are included in Accessories.

Body features:

This Medical massage chair is technically up to date, fast responding and heavy duty massage chair.
Builtin health calculator: Medical Massage chair is fully capable with latest technology. With its integrated health monitoring features, it can calculate the blood pressure and the heart rates of the user.
Anti-Noise Distraction: It is also featured with noise reduction technology. It lowers the noise distraction by its featured technology.
Human voice recognition: It is capable of detecting the commands of the users in seven languages. (English, German, French, Korean, Spanish, Vietnamese)
3d robotic massage: Luraco iRobotic is capable of massaging in three dimensions.

Brookstone message chairs review 2020

  • Also facilitate Reclining
  • Operate on 220 V
  • Gives Medical statistics
  • Highly Expensive
  • Difficult to operate for newbies

3) MK-II Plus Massage Chair

MK-II Plus Massage ChairMK-II Plus is three stage zero gravity massage chair that offers deep tissue massage to the whole body with “spinal decompression” program.

It’s works on Artificial Intelligence due to which, its built-in sensor performed whole body scanning and know where to massage. Now I am going to explain some important feature of MK-II Plus chair that helps you to take buying decision.


Chair Dimension: It has 65 * 30 * 40 Inches dimension. So it is also fitted to your living room easily.

Shipping Weight: It has 260 pound shipping weight due to highly protective packaging.

Buyer Reviews: All buyers give 4.8 Star average reviews on this product due to its great ergonomic features and excellent performance.

Body features:

Full body message chair

  1. Its give a full body massage from head to feet. And supported L- track massage system.
  2. Its Spinal decomposition program offers deep massage to whole back same like a therapeutic massage.
  3. Its provide a full body stretching program due to 4 fully features automatically programs that work on artificial intelligence principles.
  4. Its sensors automatically detect body parts that need to massage.
  5. Its gives air massage technology with the help of air bags that distributes in whole chair.
  6. Also facilitate with lumber back heating feature and gives permanent relax to whole back.

  • Air Massage Technology
  • 3-Zero Gravity Positions
  • Back Heating
  • 5 Manually Tageted massages
  • Fully Computerized Body Scan
  • 4.8 Star Customer Reviews

  • Too Much Expensive
  • Heavy weight Chair

4) Ootori A900 Massage Chair Recliner

Ootori A900 Massage ChairThe product has a beautiful contour and bright colors with humanized design and construct with environmentally friendly materials. A900 is space saving and zero gravity massage recliner that has SL Double Tracks &3D Robert Hand to provide full body massage.


  1. Its offer massage on neck, shoulders, arms, thigh, buttock, Backrest, Calf and Foot.
  2. It has 26 Air Bags provide air massage to specific parts of the body.
  3. Construct with skin friendly leather and has 5 build in motors that operate while massaging.
  4. Its have space saving dimensions like: 61 * 29 * 44.
  5. Its maximum weight capacity is 400 lbs.

Body features:

Ootori A900 Massage Chair Recliner

Sl-Robot Hand Massage System: The Sl-track system is a roller shape designed to support from your neck to the back and this position decompresses each column of your body and improves the massage effects.

Airbag Massage Technology: The uniquely designed airbag massage system can cover most of the surface with a minimum number of airbags. And it improves the quality of the massage and quieter actions. The airbags are programmed to inflate separately, which allows the body to turn and stretch deep.

The rollers and an air cell massage system that effectively massages the shoulders, arms, waist and hips.

Zero gravity press: The zero-gravity button will feel considerably weightless relax physically and mentally. It’s realistic zero gravity with armrest link system design the armrest keeps peace with the backrest when it settles or descends.

  • SL double track technology
  • Full Body Air massage
  • Extendable Legrest
  • Yoga stretching
  • 6 Auto Massage Functions
  • 3D Robot Hand & Foot Roller
  • 3 Year Warranty

  • Not rock while reclining
  • Height Range Up to 6′-4″ Tall

5) Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chairs

Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage ChairIf you are looking for something that is just like a professional level body massage, but within the comfort of your home, there is no need to look for any massage parlors. Try MK classic full body massage chair that is based upon Zero Gravity positioning technology.

It will give you great features like L- track, 3 zero gravity positions, 5 types of unique massage techniques, heating system for your back heat therapy, and an air massage system to massage your arm, legs and foot.


  1. The product is 100% assembled on your doorstep once delivered you just have to plug in the chair and get ready to enjoy your comfort zone.
  2. Zero gravity position comprising of three types of different Zero Gravity stages the user can recline from an angular degree of 115 to 160 to obtain the perfect position of zero gravity.
  3. Manual and automated functionality programmed with 7 automatic protocols, and manual massage control function user can choose whichever suits the best for the perfect comfortable massage required for any part of the body.
  4. Structure and durability- the chair is specially designed with selected materials of high quality and durability, which makes this chair quite strong and can accommodate the weight of an individual up to 300 lbs.

Body features:

Zero gravity position: With the help of its three stages zero-gravity positioning feature, an individual can elevate the feet up to the level of heart maintaining the position to minimize stress, strains and the forces of gravity upon your vertebrae.

Which results in the reliving of back pain and provides a hundred percent relaxation to the person.

Body scanning: Built with smart technology for body scanning the chair automatically determine the size of the spine and all the pressure points giving an individual feeling of real massage experience.

The L-track massage system is unique in the market for this particular product because this track is contoured to the exact human back shape being consistent and more accurate in providing perfect rolling massage experience.

It can accommodate different individuals who are up to 5’2 to 6’5 foot tall.

Airbags: Nevertheless, airbag massage technology is a perfect tool and accommodation that is designed in such a way to induce the body with different twists and stretches for the shoulders, lower back, arms and thighs simultaneously.

The user can choose to either let the chair massage automatically itself or let the user control how he wants to have a massage i.e. The manual settings.

  • Yoga & Stretch Program
  • 42 Air Bag Massage Functions
  • One hand backlit Remote Controller
  • 3 Year Warranty

  • Little bit expensive
  • Heavy Weight Chair

About Brookstone Company

About Brookstone massage chairs Brand

Brookstone is a chain of retail locations. It is an organization that makes various sorts of items like massage chairs. A greater amount of the stores of this organization is situated in the United States and China same like Herman Miller Chairs brand.

Brookstone was established in 1965. From the start, it began making the dental cinches however, later on it moved towards the assembling of massage chairs. It is a privately held organization.
Various sorts of seats are made by this organization. The significant sorts are Mach 9, Rock and Recline, Renew 3 D and Renew 2 3D.

The most exceptional item is Energize 3D. It has the most recent innovation of the rubbing to comfort the buyer and achieve their trust.
Brookstone has utilized 4D Vario Mation Intelligent Rollers in its advanced seats that demonstrated truly agreeable and fulfilling for the buyers.

These rollers help with the exact and immaculate back rub. 54-inch SL track innovation is likewise utilized in the results of this organization.

A portion of the propelled items has utilized zero gravity lean back that guarantee the precise administrations with no sort of uncomforting.

Brookstone additionally utilized air pressure packs in its items that made it recognized by different organizations.

Strikingly, Bluetooth speakers are additionally present in the seats with the goal that you can unwind and appreciate while having a back rub. These seats additionally an exceptional capacity of body extending that guarantee the ideal and the better back rub administrations to the customers.

Brookstone has likewise made its items fit for foot rubbing. It is the most important expansion made to these items as it has consistently been an issue that in what manner should the feet be kneaded. Brookstone has understood this issue with the assistance of trend setting innovation.


We write hundred percent genuine consumer reviews about all best Brookstone massage chairs, so we hope it will be helpful for you while choose a best Brookstone chair for yourself. But I recommended you must try MK-II plus massage chair if you want to get a real therapist’s touch. Because I already have good experience of using this chair.