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Best Serta Executive Office Chairs | Review 2020

Serta is an American Brand located in Hoffman estate, Illinois. And it is established in 1931 by 13 mattress manufacturers. It is indeed famous for producing the world’s best mattress. With time, it moves towards manufacturing Serta office chairs that offer fantastic comfort and luxury seating.
Serta builds modern design high succor chairs for a customer all around the world. And it’s goods have unique designs and comfortable sitting.

Serta proffers elegant chairs with excellent lumbar support that helps to cure lower back pain problems. And the big thing in Serta big and tall chairs is its armrest and 360-degree swivel ability that make its uniques, stylish and long-lasting.

Some chairs require little assembly, but it is easy to accumulate. All drafting chairs having sturdy rolling casters that help to move smoothly on a wooden surface.

Serta uses high and premium quality leather for chairs cushion that gives a stylish look to the chair. And all chairs are designed on the policy of Active Seating Technology (AST). According to this principle, all chairs are designed on special terms to ensure health care and fitness features. So due to which all chairs are suitable for sustaining good posture and prolonged sitting.
Serta produces ergonomic products for the living room, patio and offices. Let’s go and discuss reviews about Serta office chairs.

Now I am going to explain the top 5 best Serta executive chairs with their specification and features.

5 Best Serta Executive Office Chairs to Buy in 2020

1) Serta Executive Office Chair

Serta Executive Office Chair

Serta Big and tall office chair is upgraded with a wooden accent look and provides advance ergonomic seating for long hours.

It has comfy and lavish accommodation with pillow support that serves to maintain proper body posture. It also has some controls to fix adjustments according to the desired body position. It is most beneficial if you spend more time in the office.


Dimensions: 27.25″ W x 30.5″ D x 43.50″ – 47″ H
Weight Capacity: 360 Pounds
Material: Made by Bonded leather


Serta big and tall office chair

  1. Serta Office chairs offer lumbar support adjustments, and you can adjust the lumbar aid according to your wish.
  2. If you have a neck pain problem, then it is most proper for you because it has a pillow headrest that supports your head weight and relaxes your neck muscles.
  3. Its padded armrests also benefit while using a computer because it supports arms and distributes shoulder weight to knees.
  4. Due to long hours of seating, blood circulation towards the leg is disturbed. So Serta chairs have a Waterfall seat edge that aids in blood circulation and reduces fatigue.
  5. It also offers 3 ½” height adjustment by using hand access Control Arm. And due to durable quality rolling casters, it’s easily moved on to harder surfaces like wooden.

  • Ergonomic Tilt Mechanism
  • Solid Manufacturing
  • Padded Leather Armrest
  • One year warranty

  • Assembly Required

2) Serta Air Health and Wellness Executive Office Chair

Serta Air Health and Wellness Executive Office Chair

Serta wellness executive office chair has Air Kinetic Lumber pivots and 25″ inches back that help to support your back and shoulder. And it curved back gives relief from lower back pain and help to sustain body posture well.

Serta executive office chair is highly durable due to a seat-side cable that helps levers to adjust height and tilt adjustments. The user can adjust the whole chair according to his desire.
It made by eco-friendly material like smooth leather and offering a 1-year warranty. And it looks like an accent chair due to soft upholstered armrest.

Dimensions: 29 W * 25 * 42 H
Shipping Weight: 46 Pound
Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
Material: Premium quality leather

Serta Air Health and Wellness Executive Office Chair Dimentions and Specifications


  1. Serta Air Health and Wellness Executive Office Chair have a padded headrest that improves neck support and provides comfy seating.
  2. It has a moveable Air lumbar zone that twists according to body movements and help to maintain spine alignment. It is healthful when your backbone has lower back pain.
  3. It accommodation design according to the waterfall seat edge principle that reduces leg pressure and smoothly circulates blood toward veins.
  4. If you want to adjust the height, then it offers EZ-Reach control arm for that purpose and supports 3¾ ” inches height adjustments.
  5. If you desire to buy moveable chairs, then it is the right choice for you because it’s multi-surface dual-wheel casters that help for movements on all surfaces even harder. And it also gives 360-degree swivel.

Serta Executive Office Chairs Review

  • Air Lumber Technology
  • Ergonomic adjustments
  • Breathable Back
  • Supported headrest and armrest

  • Assembly Required
  • Fixed Back

3) Serta Leighton Home Office Chair

Serta Leighton Home Office Chair

Serta Leighton Home Office Chair provides remarkable comfy seating due to the memory foam seat. It seat allows various scale adjustments, and it supported 250 lbs weight.

It’s also used as an accent chair and gives a stylish look to your living room.


Dimensions: 27 * 24 * 37
Weight Capacity: Support up to 250 lbs
Style: It supports two styles. (1)Twill and (2)bonded leather
Color: It’s available in 9 different colors.

Serta Leighton Home Office Chair Dimentions and specification


  1. Serta Leighton Home Office Chair is comfortable for office and home. It has an accent look and manufactured by memory form (Most comfy seating foam). Due to which it provides the most healthy seating to its user.
  2. It has 360-degree mobility due to stainless steel base rolling caster that moves quickly on the carpet and un-smooth surfaces.
  3. It also has a height adjustment Spiral that helps to set the height according to user demand.

Serta Leighton Chair reviews

  • Memory Foam Seating
  • Stylish Design
  • 360 Degree Mobility
  • 1 Year Warranty

  • Need to assemble

4) Serta Works Executive Office Chair

Serta Works Executive Office Chair

Serta Works Executive Office Chair is designed with motion technology that gives a strong natural position to spine and helps to reduce upper back pain.
It has supportive and cushioned armrest with a multi-layered body pillow and headrest support.
Its offer arm, height and seat adjustments that help to adjust the chair according to body posture and enjoy ergonomic seating. Its seat and back manufactured by bonded leather that makes it is durable and stylish.

Dimension: 30 * 27 * 40
Colors: Available in five colors.
Weight Capacity: 350 lbs
Material: Bonded Leather

Serta Works Executive Office Chair Dimentions and Specifications


  1. It enhances strength and flexibility in your back and motion technology made it a more focused office chair.
  2. Serta Works Executive Office Chair uses motion technology that helps to reduce lower back pain problems and gives the most relaxed accommodation experience.
  3. Its construct by multi-layered Cushing that provides always refresh sitting experience.

serta office Executive chairs review

  • Use Motion Technology
  • 360-degree easy mobility
  • Fully adjustable
  • Padded Armrest

  • Demand Assembly
  • Need some assembly
  • No waterfall edge seat

5) Serta Big and Tall Office Chair

Serta Big and Tall Office Chair

Serta Big and Tall Executive Chairs are more comfortable due to offering body pillow support and provide serene and soft seating experience.

Its lumbar support gives additional support to the backbone and overcomes lower back pain. Its manufacture with durable and premium quality faux leather that offers a good seating experience.

It also has an echo layer body pillow to support your head and neck.


Dimension: 28 * 30 * 45
Weight Capacity: 350 lbs
Material: Faux Leather
Colors: Available in 3 Different Colors

Serta Big and Tall Office Chair manufacturing and features


  1. Serta Big and Tall Executive Chairs have padded armrests that provide comfort to arms while sitting at a desk.
  2. It also offers seat-height adjustment by using tilt tension knob and also provides a feature to lock the recliner.
  3. The pneumatic gas lift adjusts the seat height by a simple flick of the lever.
  4. It has a heavy-duty rolling caster that quickly mobilized 350 lbs weight.
    Its design with luxurious contrast stitching that makes it more stylish and attractive for your office.

Best Serta executive chair review

  • Tilt Tension Knob
  • Made by Faux Leather
  • Durable Rolling Casters

  • Demand Assembly


All Serta chairs are execellent in quality and highly durable construct. But I love to use serta big and tall office chairs because it is the best serta executive chair due to its ergonomic features. And I also recommend Serta Leighton Home Office Chair if you want to use a chair for multipurpose, which means this chair use in the office as well as home. And it gives a stylish look to your home furniture.

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